Antonio Garcia
Name Antonio Garcia
Alias Gold Ranger
Show Power Rangers
First Appearance "Unexpected Arrival" April 30, 2011
Sex Male
Species Human

Antonio Garcia is Samurai Ranger Light, the Gold Samurai Power Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai. He can control the element of Light. He is also Jayden's childhood best friend. s the Gold Ranger, Antonio is the sixth Ranger of the Samurai Power Rangers. Though his regular job is a fish seller, he is the tech wizard of the group. He also happens to be a childhood friend of Jayden, receiving the OctoZord from him and making a promise to see him again soon.

Antonio takes his role as the Gold Ranger with much enthusiasm and energy. He can be seen as Jayden's opposite, as he is as hyperactive and expressive, while Jayden is reserved and stoic.

Super BrawlEdit

Antonio appears as a playable character, under alias of the Golden Ranger, in Super Brawl 3. He and Xandred are the ones to represent their show. He fights with two short blades. His special move is called; Barracuda Blades in which he spins around very fast, making a tornado and goes a little forwards.

Antonio has two Fan characters like everyone else. The boy's name is; Ace and the girl's name is Pam. Both of them wear a costume similar to the Golden Ranger, with Ace also wearing a motor helmet. When the special bar is fully charged Antonio can summon his fans. When appeared they will appear and summon a robot who will sprout gas into the opponent inflicting damage.

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