Name Appa
Show Avatar: The Last Airbender
First Appearance "The Boy in the Iceberg" February 21, 2005
Sex Male
Species Flying Bizon
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White and Beige
Friends Aang, Katara, Sokka,Toph, Zuko

Appa was Avatar Aang's loyal sky bison, who shared a strong bond with Aang and with Momo, as they were all some of the few remaining traces of the Air Nomad civilization. Appa was most noted for his ability to fly in spite of his heavy weight, a feat achieved through airbending which made Appa the primary means of transportation utilized by Team Avatar.

Appa appears on the background of the Wastelands stage in the Super Brawl games with Katara and Sokka sitting on him. He also appears in the loading screen of Nicktoons MLB.

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