Box Ghost
The Box Ghost
Name Box Ghost
Show Danny Phantom
First Appearance "One of a Kind" April 9, 2004
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Enemies Danny, Skulker
Occupation(s) Scare Ghost
Residence Ghost Zone

He is the laughing stock of the Ghost Zone. Usually serving as a cameo, The Box Ghost first appeared in "One of a Kind". Box Ghost makes his attack on a warehouse, returning by the end of the same episode by entering Danny's class only for him to be defeated again. In "Splitting Images", the Box Ghost makes the attack on Danny in the beginning of the episode and actually manages to best him. The Box Ghost returns in the end with his new name, "The Mechanical Frog Ghost", but he immediately changes his mind when the mechanical frog malfunctions. In "Prisoners of Love", he meets Danny at an area in the Ghost Zone where human-world objects are kept. Walker and his lackeys eventually arrest them both. In prison, the Box Ghost and all the other ghosts teamed up with Danny to escape.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

The Box Ghost appears as a non-playable character in Nicktoons Unite!. When the team enters Amity Park they are send by Vlad Plasmius to the Ghost Prison. There they are held captive by Walker. Box Ghost is one of the prisoners and helps the heroes if all the ghost rats are eliminated.

The Box Ghost also appears in the loading screen of Amity Park/Ghost Zone.

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