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[One day the butterflies flewing Tigger has to thinking.]

Tigger: I wonder why nobody wants to bounce with me.

Shere Khan: Indeed.

Tigger: Hmph [Lucky Jack was thinking.] Oh, well. [Meg smile.] Hoo,hoo! What am I talkin' about? [Buzzy and Flaps they look down.] There's plenty of others I haven't even ask yet. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! [Shang-Yu watched the a boulder bouncing rumbling in the 100 Acre Wood.]

Tarzan: What was that?

[Phil the goatman hearing as Peter Pan saw a boulder crash to Eeyore's house.]


[Scar the King's brother standing a ledge.]

Narrator: [ Patrick and SpongeBob he sit up the road line.] And so, the others all came round to see what they might do to help. But the end Eeyore's house was merely the beginning of a very unfortunate day.

Roo: [Timon using eyes balls to that boulder.] Wow! [Jim a crow he look down.] Look at the size of it.

Rabbit: [Belle turned.] Your attention, uh, please. [Chel behind a piller.] Uh, ahem. I have officially completed the plans.

Bagheera: Yes?

Winnie the Pooh: What plans?

Rabbit: The plans for removing this boulder and restoring to Eeyore his happy home.

Eeyore: No need to bother on my account.

Rabbit: [Belle was standing a chair.] All we need is a little, uh, uh, team effort.

Pumbaa and Timon; Oh.

Rabbit: Rabbit's rock remover. [Young Simba smile.] Now, then, Pooh bear, release the counterweight.

Zeus: That's a spirit!

Mr. Burns; Go on.

Rabbit: Kanga and Roo, start deressurizing the grantic extractor. Piglet? [on the cage Iago look down.] Piglet, [Pinocchio starring a chair.] Start pulling your own weight over there.

Piglet: I-I don't weigh anything.

Rabbit: A-A little more over there. [Lord Shen smile.] Yes. [Hades using cigar.] That's good. [Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Lumpire was happined.] No, no, no, no! [Gus Gus was doomed.] Over here. [Tantor was standing the bush.] Oh, good. I think-

Winnie the Pooh: [he stop] Bother.

[Homer screams]

[Piglet screams]

Mr. Goob: No!

Both: Oh! [Tantor using a ears he can't look,]

[Roo screaming]


Timon: Whoa!

Pain and Panic: Oh my god! [he messing up a machines.]

[The boulder was not budge.]

Lord Shen: [Copper using ears scared.] You idilot!

Rabbit; [Zazu stand a rock.] Well, now, why didn't it work. [Grandpa the longneck thinking.] Oh, let's see now. [Coco La Bouche waiting.] The counterweight-

Kanga: [Thomas O'Malley was standing.] Perhaps we could use another helping hand.

Rabbit: [Genie thinking he up there.] Yes. All we already need is-[Screaming]

[Tigger bounce by smile.]

Homer and Bart: [Both laughing]

Roo: [To with Pongo.] Tigger!

Tigger: Hello, you blokes! [Miguel and Tuilo are staring.] Anyone up a little bouncin'?

Rabbit: [Phoebus to with a horse Achilles.] No! No! No bouncin'! {Hercules, Pegasus and Phil stand the bushes.] Look! [Aladdin with Abu on his back.] Just look at all this work we have to do!

Tigger: What? Movin' that old thing?

Ursula: That's right.

Tigger: Not a problem. [Pumbaa and Timon standing.] All you need is a little bouncin'.

Pigiet: How will b-bouncing move the rock, Tigger?

Tigger: Tut, tut, tut, [Baloo was problem.] Not now, Piglet. If maybe we had a little uh-Hm, mm, mm. Mm, mm, mm, Mm-hm. Right there!

Mrs Packard: Wow. I'm impressed.

Rabbit: Bouncin' will move this boulder. [Mowgli humped to his arms.] Ha, ha! It's almost amusing.

[Tigger wanned up he start Whooply-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Opper bounce.]


Hercules: Uh-oh!

[Jane Porter he open eyes saw the boulder loose dragged Tigger's friends with it!]

[Simpsons screaming]

SpongeBob and Patrick: [Both screaming]

Mushu: [Screams]

Vultures: Yaah!

Roo: Wow!

[Screaming and shouting continues]

[Water splash]

Roo: Oof!

[Crows laughing]

[Snow White and Dwarf's laughing]

[Agrabah men laughing]

[Lampwick laughing]

[Pumbaa gasp]

Roo: Wow.

[he saw Kanga grab a fish's tail.]

Nelson's mom: HA-HA! [he saw Eeyore landing in the thorns.]

[Ed laughing]

Banzai: Hey, shut up!

[Friar Tuck hearing.]

Chicken Little: Oh snap.

Tigger: [Coco La Bouche hearing.] Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Now that that's outta the way,

[Gaston the hunter saw Rabbit cough.]

[Pterano the flyer Pteranodon that's Petrie's uncle horrible bad dreams.]

who's up for a little bouncin'?


[Rabbit scream]

[Splash continues]

Rabbit: What is it with you and bouncin'? [The Beast he put a hands down using a ears and open eyes.] Just look at my rock remover.

[Splashing continues]

Everything's ruined, [Adult Simba standing.] and all you can think about is-Oh, [the crows clovers ears.] BOUNCING!

Tigger: But, that's what Tigger's do best?

Eeyore: [Jafar was problem.] Exactly. Unlike us.

Kanga: [Kayley hearing the eyes down.] I'm afraid he's right, dear.

Piglet: [Homer was standing.] What we're trying to say is that, [Sulley standing a chair.] we really can't bounce like Tiggers anyway, because...

Winnie the Pooh: We're not Tiggers.

Krusty the clown: Get out of here!

Jafar: You!

Rabbit: Humph!

Lord Shen: Now! [Roo standing on the tree branch.] Now, now, now, now, now, now!

[Tigger walk in the woods.]
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