Nicktoons vendetta alternate costume by neweraoutlaw-d663vcb
Name Charlotte
Show Making Friends
First Appearance "Charlotte's First Day" , October 4th, 2008 (Original Airdate)
Sex Female
Age 9-10
Species Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blue
Friends Vendetta, Buttons, Grudge
Occupation(s) School Student
Residence Clamburg

Charlotte is a fictional main character in the animated television series Making Fiends. She is the happy good character and the complete opposite to Vendetta. She is voiced and created by Amy Winfrey and first appeared in the pilot episode of the web series on July 14, 2003. The web series ran for 21 episodes between 2003 and 2005, and the television series premiered on Nickelodeon on October 4, 2008.

Charlotte believes she and Vendetta are best friends. Vendetta, however, hates Charlotte and tries to destroy her with her homemade fiends. Charlotte will probably never notice that Vendetta tries to kill her. Somehow when Vendetta unleashes a fiend onto Charlotte, Charlotte always finds a way to make the fiend friendly.

Nicktoons vendetta alternate costume by neweraoutlaw-d663vcb
Name Buttons
Show Making Friends
First Appearance "Charlotte's First Day" , October 4th, 2008 (Original Airdate)
Sex Male
Species Hamster
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Yellow
Friends Charlotte, Vendetta, Grudge
Occupation(s) Pet
Residence Clamburg

Buttons is Charlotte's pet hamster, and her "favorite hamster in the whole world". He resembles a miniature Grudge. He is also very scared of Vendetta and her fiends. According to Charlotte, Buttons likes peanuts and buttons. His prominent feature is the high-pitched squeal he makes when he is scared. Charlotte is seen to use him when playing with toys as well. His cage is in Charlotte's room. He is sometimes seen to be scared of Charlotte as she treats him more like a plaything than a pet.

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars XEdit

Charlotte appears as an alternate costume in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X. She is the alternate costume of Vendetta, and a special one too. She has own quotes and almost can be considered an own character, although it is just a skin for Vendetta.


Vendetta: NO.
Come on, Vendetta, I've got a job to d-
Vendetta: NO. You are NOT going to say it, you STUPID man!
Charlotte is-
Vendetta: NOT IN THIS STUPID GAME, YOU CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. Charlotte: Hi, Vendetta!
Vendetta: NO! NO! NO! What are YOU doing here, you stupid little girl?! I LEFT YOU IN CLAMBURG.
Charlotte: Funny story! Turns out I was out of hamster food for Buttons, so I borrowed some of yours and he got reeeeeeeeeeeeally big!
Vendetta: WHAT?!
Charlotte: eah! And now we go on lots of piggyback rides and fun adventures! And now that we're here, you won't be so lonely on your little vacation out of Clamburg anymore!
...would it help if I said that since she's an alternate costume, the two of you won't ever be on the same team?
Vendetta: NO! Hamster! Smush that stupid artist into toothpaste!
Grudge: Hmph!
Wait, wait, what are you doing, that doesn't go there AUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH
Charlotte: That looks like fun! You must be doing Yoga to be bending like that! Tee hee!



  • "This should be fun!"
  • "Tee hee!"
  • "Hi, Vendetta! Fancy meeting you here!" (Intro against Vendetta)
  • "Aw! C'mere puppy!" (Intro against Dudley Puppy)
  • "Exploring? I love exploring! Let's play!" (Intro against Dora)

Win Pose:

  • "Bye, bye! It was fun playing with you!"
  • "Over already? I guess you must be tired! Well, so long!"
  • "Aw, Vendetta's taking a nap! C'mon, Buttons, let's leave her alone!" (Win Pose against Vendetta)
  • "I'm going to take you home and love you forever, Mr. Puppy Man!" (Win Pose against Dudley)

Victory Screen:

  • "Weee! That was fun, wasn't it, Buttons? I can't wait until we get back home and tell all our friends about it!"


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