Chum Chum
Chum Chum1
Show Fanboy & Chum Chum
First Appearance "Fanboy" August 14, 2009
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Friends Fanboy, Kyle, Man-Arctica
Occupation(s) School Student
Residence Galaxy Hills

Chum Chum is Fanboy's best friend and sidekick. Although he is younger than the other main characters, he is still in the same class as them. Show creator Eric Robles explained on the Nickelodeon message board that this is because Fanboy snuck him into his class and the teacher never noticed the age difference. Chum Chum is extremely energetic and high-spirited, and possesses an indomitable enthusiasm and childlike jocularity. Chum Chum has brown hair, wears a black eye mask and gloves, an orange and yellow uniform with his logo on the chest, a yellow cape, black high-top sneakers, and his underwear on the outside of his costume. In the pilot from Random! Cartoons, Chum Chum wears an orange collared shirt with yellow buttons on the chest instead of his logo. Chum Chum seems to be incapable of achieving more than 3 points on Boog's "Chimp Chomp" video game, although Chum Chum is ecstatic even when he loses.

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars XEdit

Although not appearing as playable character, or in art in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X, he is mentioned a few times. Chum Chum was originally going to appear in the "Days of Future Past" art as one of the characters who got apprehended, however duo short on space, he wasn't included.

Super BrawlEdit

Chum Chum appears as a character in all the Super Brawl games, with the exception of Super Brawl 3. However he didn't appear as a playable character till Super Brawl 2. In the first games he always tagged along with Fanboy in the background, but didn't do anything. As of Super Brawl 2, he was playable and Fanboy instead tagged along with him (but still was a character himself).

When Chum Chum uses his special attack, he will grab a Frosty Freezy Cup and shoot out a Frosty Freezy mosnter forwards to hurt the opponent. When his bar is fully charged and he uses his special attack, he will grab the Frosty Freezy cup and shake it. Then a pink ball it shot upwards and suddenly it rains down pink Frosty Freezy squares on the stage, hurting the opponent.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Chum Chum appears as a playable character in Nicktoons MLB. He throws left-handed.


  • Screw: ****
  • Slider: ***
  • Curveball: ****
  • Changeup: *****

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