Codename: Kids Next Door, also known as Kids Next Door or by its initialism KND, is an American animated television series created by Tom Warburton and produced by Curious Pictures in Santa Monica, California. The series debuted on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002, and aired its final episode on January 25, 2008. The series came about as the result of a viewer's poll by Cartoon Network.

The series centers on the adventures of five 10-year-old children who operate from a high-tech tree house. Their mission is to fight "crimes" against kids, such as homework and flossing, committed by adults, senior citizens, teenagers, and other evil children. They make up what is known as Sector V of a worldwide organization called the Kids Next Door. The show was also part of Cartoon Network's series, Cartoon Cartoons, and is the 13th cartoon of the series. It returns on a show called Cartoon Planet.

Punch Time ExplosionEdit

Numbuh One and Father appear as playable characters in Punch Time Explosion. The Toiletnator was added as a playable character in the XL version of the game because of fan requests.

The show has three stages which are KND Sector V Treehouse Control Room, KND C.O.O.L.B.U.S. Rooftop and KND Moon Base with the last one only being available for the console version of the game. The show also has three assist characters who are Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4 and Stickybeard. Stickybeard also appears as a boss in the game, and was the only boss, aside from the Final Boss, to not appear playable in the XL version.

Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!Edit

Nigel appears as a playable character in Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!. He was the first character announced for the game, as it was good to start with Numbuh 1 to be revealed as character number one. He fights with a varity of KND weapons used in the show.

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