Dodie Bishop
Name Dodie Bishop
Show As Told By Ginger
First Appearance "Ginger the Juvey" October 25, 2000
Sex Female
Species Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Friends Ginger
Occupation(s) School Student

Deirdra Hortense "Dodie" Bishop is a major character on As Told by Ginger. She appears in the pilot episode, The Party. Dodie is voiced by Aspen Miller and makes her offical debut in the first episode of the first season. The ultimate chatterbox and recycled gossip authority, Dodie Bishop has been Ginger's best friend since the day they met. With the latest news on the student body always at hand, Dodie may be the most desperate for popularity and for that reason the least likely to get it. Still, her knowledge is impressive. Dodie can tell you the exact shade of lipstick that each of the "It Girls" dons and why it does or doesn't work for them. Other than that, Dodie loves sleep over parties and has been known to be somewhat of a drama queen.

Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsEdit

Dodie appears as a collectible Master Model in the handheld version of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.

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