Fairy World is the homeworld of the Fairies. It is a magical realm that exists in the clouds, connected to Earth by means of a Rainbow Bridge, and Jorgen Von Strangle and the Fairy Council are in charge of Fairy World. Fairy World is where most fairies live, aside from those acting as Fairy Godparents on Earth. The strongest fairy in the universe, Jorgen Von Strangle, is one of the residents here. Fairy World is balanced by a number of gigantic rules aside from the godparent rulebook. It's number one TV show is Crocker TV/Timmy TV. Some other residents of Fairy World include: Big Daddy, Mama Cosma, Binky, Simon Sparklefield, the Tooth Fairy and Blonda.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

The Fairy World is the third level of Nicktoons Unite!. You enter this world after you are teleported to there from Crocker's Fortress in Dimmsdale. When you arrive here you encounter Jorgen Von Strangle who tells you that you have to free all the fairies so they can save Fairy World. After you have done that Jorgen leads you to the quickest route to the Big Wand where Crocker is located.

At the Big Wand you confront Crocker, in his special battlesuit, and you have to defeat him. After his defeat and the fairy magic being restored Timmy wishes everything to be normal, but it was explained that their magic doesn't world outside of their own world. Afterwards the heroes return back to Jimmy's lab.

Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsEdit

The Fairy World is the third world you visit outside of the factory. When they arrive there they see the Fairy Harvester disguised as an all you can eat restaurant where the fairies get trapped and are forced to eat Krabby Patties. Near the end of the level the heroes go through a pipe and land in front of a glass tube where Jorgen is in. Patrick bumps into the tube and breaks it freeing Jorgen. Jorgen immediately destroys the Fairy Harvester. He then says that the heroes have to get rid of Professor Calamitous.