Fright Knight
Nicktoons fright knight mid boss by neweraoutlaw-d6roykw
Fright Knight in UNBSX
Name Fright Knight
Show Danny Phantom
First Appearance "Fright Night", October 29th, 2005
Sex Male
Age Undead
Species Ghost
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Friends Pariah Dark, Vlad Plasmius
Enemies Danny Phantom, Ember McLain, Skulker, Technus, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley
Occupation(s) Knight of Halloween
Residence Ghost Zone

Fright Knight is the representative of Halloween. He is a powerful, gruff knight who spreads terror from his winged horse, Nightmare. When touched by a victim, his sword, the Soul Shredder, is able to send that victim into the victim's worst nightmare imaginable. Fright Knight remained a loyal servant to Pariah Dark, but showed reluctancy to continue his servitude towards him. He later switches sides to Vlad Plasmius for reasons unknown.

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars XEdit

Fright Knights appears as a special unlockable mid-boss for the story. In orderto unlock him you have to wait till 31 October after you bought the game, and then it will automatically unlock him. Or you can collect all the Halloween Costumes to unlock him. However he only appears on hard mode, as he thinks you're not worthy to fight him when you're weaker than that.


Lo, foolish mortals! I, the Fright Knight, do hereby challenge you and your pathetic heroes to a battle to the finish! Fair warning, you will not succeed. As herald to the almighty King of Ghosts, Lord Pariah Dark, it is my duty to ensure that all threats to his rightful claim to your realms go unhindered. But do not think that you can find me easily. I will strike when you least expect it, and woe be onto you when that night comes.....for when it does, your worst nightmares will become REALITY!

Special PowersEdit

  • Wields the Soul Shredder Sword, capable of inflicting terrible nightmares to slumbering mortals as well as destroying souls
  • Can fire flaming crystal meteors
  • Rides a ghostly steed known as Nightmare
  • Standard Ghost Powers (see Danny Phantom's entry)