Ghost Zone Police Department
A few Ghost Guards
Name Ghost Zone Police Department
Show Danny Phantom
First Appearance "Prisoners of Love" May 14, 2004
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Eye Color Green
Occupation(s) Guards
Residence Ghost Prison, Ghost Zone

The Ghost Zone Police Department (or G.Z.P.D. for short) also known as Walker's Crew, is the law enforcement team of the Ghost Zone. The GZPD made its first appearance in the episode Prisoners of Love when Danny get into the Ghost Zone zone in order to get his mother's aniversary gift.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

The Ghost Guards appear as enemies in the game. They however only appear in the Ghost Zone and Amity Park. They will float around while invisible and then charge at you, you have to evade their attacks and attack them just after they bashed forwards. Pounding on the ground and making them dizzy is a quick way to defeat them.

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