Giant Fleabot
Nicktoons Unite! Part 29 - YouTube
Name Giant Fleabot
Show Nicktoons Unite!
First Appearance Nicktoons Unite!
Species Robot

The Giant Fleabot is a character who appears in Nicktoons Unite!. It is the last mini-boss of the game. Professor Calamitous has it installed into Goddard so he could spy on Jimmy and make a replica of his dimension traveler device. The heroes entered Goddard to defeat the Giant Fleabot in order to discover where the transmittor is from so they could discover where Professor Calamitous and the rest of the Syndicate is hiding.


When the fight starts the Giant Fleabot jumps high into the air and lands somewhere on the stage, creating a giant shockwave. It then begins to fire three fireballs each time out of his mouth, and sometimes also will shoot out smaller versions of him to attack the players.

The easiest way to defeat the Giant Fleabot is to preform a groundpound near him and then rapidly attack him. Another good stragety is using your Ghost Wail while he is shooting fireballs. When he goes up to the center to suck up energy you have to bang against on of the drums on the side of the stage so he gets off of there. Continue this until he dies.

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