Gorge's Sergeant
Nicktoons Battle For Volcano Island Part 9 - YouTube(2)
Name Gorge's Sergeant
Show Nicktoons Unite!
First Appearance Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island
Sex Male
Species Plant
Friends Mad King Gorge
Enemies Myrmec Queen, Nicktoons Heroes
Occupation(s) Sergeant

Gorge's Sergeant is a character who appears in Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island as a minor villain. He is the sergeant of Mad King Gorge's  army and also is fought before you fight Mad King Gorge.

When you are on your mission to save the Myrmec Queen he is holding her captive, so you have to defeat him before you can continue. After you defeat him you free the Myrmec Queen and obtain the Espresso machine.


Sergeant will first let his minions attack you. Only after you kill all of the enemies Gorge's Sergeant enters the battlefield. The easiest way to defeat him, is to kill one of the enemies on the field and grab a boomerang. Smash Gorge's Sergeant all the way to the edge of the stage and then throw it, he will fall off afterwards.

Attack that he can preform include smashing down with his staff and making an arc swng in front of him. Aside from that he doesn't have any other attacks.