Great Carapace
The great of the sand man by sibred-d5e7nsi
Name Great Carapace
Show Nicktoons Unite!
First Appearance Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island
Sex Male
Species Sand Monster
Enemies Crabs, Nicktoons Heroes

The Great Carapace is a character who appears in Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island. He is the first boss of the game, and is fought at the level that has the same name as him. When the heroes return on Volcano Island, they have to talk to Little Crab. He will tell that the Great Carapace is destroying their village. The heroes go to the crab village and fight him. After he is defeated the crabs celebrate and you obtain the battery to charge up the Jimmy Neutron communicator.


When you enter the battle you have to ride on the cannon and rapidly starts shooting at the shell that the sand monster is wearing on his back. Afterwards you have to shoot against his chest in order to get him back to the waterfall. When you got him all the way back to the waterfall he will turn into normal sand.

He has a few attacks. He can slam on the ground with his fists which causes good damage to you. He will also breathe sand. If you get hit by the sand you will be trapped in it. The cannons also will be trapped inside of the sand. You have to wait before it is gone, although it disappears quicker if you attack. Eventually he also will break the wall and create two gaps in it, seperating the stage in three platforms.

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