A Halloween Costume is a special Alternate Costume that playable characters can wear in the games. Halloween Costumes were first introduced in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X. It is currently unknown if it is going to appear in Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!

Halloween Costumes can be devided into three types of how they dress up:

  • Original Costume: the characters will dress themselves up in a costume which they have been worn before in their show, which is related to Halloween. For example Timmy as Nega-Timmy and his fairies Cosmo as Anti-Cosmo and Wanda as Anti-Wanda.
  • Other Character: the characters will dress themselves up as other characters from their show or even other shows. For example Kimi dressing up as Trixie Tang from The Fairly OddParents.
  • Classic Horror: the characters will dress themselves up as their own version of a classic horror movie or novel. For example Professor Calamitous controlling his own version of Frankenstein's Monster instead of his Calamibot.

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars XEdit

Halloween Costumes can be unlocked in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X. It is assumed that Halloween Costumes also can be bought with Tenzin Tokens just like the Alternate Costumes (characters are categorized on show, which in turn are categorized on date of premiere).

There also is a "When Good Guys Turn BAD" pack. This pack includes Abrasive SpongeBob SquarePants, Nega-Timmy (with Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda), Evil Jimmy and Dark Danny.

Image Name Origin Type
Nicktoons reptar halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6m2p37 Thorg "Toy Palace", September 6th, 1992 Other Character
Nicktoons ren and stimpy halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d62x54w Robot and Monster Robot and Monster's First Appearance: "Monster's Great Escape", August 4th, 2012 Other Character
Nicktoons really really big man h ween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5wcbz4 Rocko

Rocko's First Appearance: "Trash-O-Madness" (Pilot) Rocko's Modern Life, 1992

A similar costume appeared in: "Sugar Frosted Frights", Rocko's Modern Life, October 31st, 1995

Other Character
Nicktoons the gromble halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d67lv5i The Mummy Inspired By: "Curse of Katana", September 9th, 1995 (Premiere) Classic Horror
Nicktoons spongebob squarepants h costume by neweraoutlaw-d6rlsr3 Abrasive SpongeBob "The Abrasive Side", November 27th 2010 Original Costume
Nicktoons timmy turner halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6crqqz Nega-Timmy with Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda

Nega Timmy's First Appearance: "Nega Timmy", August 20th, 2004

The Anti-Fairies' First Appearance: "That Old Black Magic", August 31st, 2001

Original Costume/Other Character
Nicktoons invader zim halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6qndg5 Dib and Gaz Dib and Gaz: "The Nightmare Begins", March 30, 2001 Other Character
Nicktoons jimmy neutron halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6rpi89 Evil Jimmy "Send in the Clones!", March 9th, 2004 Other Character
Nicktoons professor calamitous halloween by neweraoutlaw-d68ngdm The Frankenstein Monster Inspired By: 

"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley

Classic Horror
Nicktoons kimi finster halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5wcasm Trixie Tang Trixie Tang's First Appearance: "A Wish Too Far", The Fairly Oddparents, April 13th, 2001 Other Character
Nicktoons jenny halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5xbayl Raggedy Android "Raggedy Android", August 8th, 2003 Original Costume
Nicktoons vexus halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6lq6b8 Vicky "Queen Bee", November 16th, 2006 Original Costume
Nicktoons vega halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d65vsnp Melody Locus Melody's First Appearance: "Bradventure", April 15th, 2005 Other Character
Nicktoons danny phantom halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6rn4zn Dark Danny Dark Danny: "The Ultimate Enemy", September 16th, 2005 Original Costume/ Other Character
Nicktoons ember halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6i6v3n Captain McLain "Pirate Radio!", July 22nd, 2005 Original Costume
Nicktoons toph halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5hqi26 Melon Lord

"Sozin's Comet Part I: The Phoenix King", Avatar the Last Airbender

Original Costume
Nicktoons azula halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5ibk1p Crazula "The Promise, Part 3", September 26, 2012 Original Costume
Nicktoons black cuervo halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d657lpz Cuervo of the Dead None Orignal Costume (Original Design)
Nicktoons vendetta halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5jxqua Gloom Charming & Hornswiggle

Gloom Charming: "Sparkles and Gloom" (Random! Cartoons), 2007

Hornswiggle: "Hornswiggle" (Random! Cartoons), December 20th, 2008

Other Character
Nicktoons kyle halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6c47mr Sigmund the Sorcerer Sigmund's First Appearance: "Sigmund the Sorceror", 10th September, 2010 Other Character
Nicktoons kitty katswell halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5h8big Kitty Queen of Disco Fever "Mom-A-Geddon", TUFF Puppy Original Costume
Nicktoons korra halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d5unu3v The Last Airbender "A Leaf in the Wind", March 24th, 2012 Original Costume
Nicktoons asami halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6qiz7p Equalist "Welcome to Republic City", April 14, 2012 Original Costume
Nicktoons raphael halloween costume by neweraoutlaw-d6jqt2m The Nightwatcher First Appearance of the Nightwatcher: "TMNT" (Movie), March 23rd, 2007 Original Costume

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