Name Katara
Show Avatar: The Last Airbender
First Appearance "The Boy in the Iceberg" February 21, 2005
Sex Female
Age 17
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Relatives Sokka (brother), Aang (husband), Tenzin (son)
Friends Toph, Zuko, Korra, Asami, Lin, Mako
Enemies Azula, Amon
Occupation(s) Waterbending instructor
Residence Southern Water Tribe

Katara was a female Waterbender, born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe by her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her older brother Sokka. Katara was not only a Waterbender, but the last and only one capable of the art in her tribe. As a child, she lived a peaceful, merry life with her family's love, until she lost her mother in a Fire Nation raid. Years after this tragedy, during her teenage years, she and her brother discovered the young Air Nomad Avatar, Aang, who had been encased for one hundred years within a sphere of ice. In need of a Waterbending teacher, the siblings and Aang left the South Pole for the Northern Water Tribe. Katara and Sokka eventually became close friends of Aang, and after their journey to the North Pole, continued to travel with him across the world as he mastered the remaining elements, Earth and Fire. The siblings' assistance helped Aang halt the Fire Nation's ambitions of world domination, ending the century-long war, and finally restoring balance to the world.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Katara appears as a playable character in Nicktoons MLB. She throws left handed.


  • 2 Seam: ****
  • Slider: *****
  • Sinker: ***
  • Changeup: ****


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