Name Monkey
Show Monkey Quest
First Appearance "Monkey Quest" March 17, 2011
Species Monkey
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown

Monkeys are the inhabitables of Ook there are 5 tribes for a Monkey to enter Mek tek, Ice raiders, Ootu mystics, Sea dragons, Chim foo, or Crossroads. You can have three monkeys in a single Monkey Quest account. Monkeys can be Vendors, Warriors,Dealers,Meanies or just monkeys. The Monkeys Original Ruler was the Monkey King.

Super BrawlEdit

Monkey appears as a playable character in the Super Brawl games. His first and only appearance however was in Super Brawl 2. When Monkey uses his special attack he fires a pink laser out of a pink plant canon. When his bar is fully charged and he preforms a special attack he will do the same, only now he will fire a golden and spikier shot out of his cannon. He also wears a helmet in addition to the picture on the page.

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