Name Porkchop
Show Doug
First Appearance "Doug Bags a Neematoad", August 11th, 1991
Sex Male
Species Dog
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blue
Friends Doug
Occupation(s) Pet
Residence Bluffington

Porkchop is Doug Funnie's dog. Much like Family Guy's Brian Griffin, he is anthropomophoric except he cannot speak any languages. He communicates by barking, spelling, along with using facial expressions and hand gestures. Since he was given to Doug when he was one year old on Christmas morning, he is able to sense what Doug is feeling and saying. Unlike his owner, he is very outgoing and doesn't hesitate to dive into adventure.

His home is a fully equipped and furnished fake igloo in the first season and a teepee in the second season. He also has a mailbox, clothes, a walkman and many other human possessions. It is possible porkchop could be a parody of Snoopy or Garfield.

Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsEdit

Porkchop appears as a collectible Master Model in the handheld version of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. He is the only character to represent his show. There is no Master Model of "Doug" in the console version of the game.

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