Professor Membrane
Name Professor Membrane
Show Invader Zim
First Appearance "The Nightmare Begins" March 30, 2001
Sex Male
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Relatives Dib (son), Gaz (daughter)
Friends Zim, GIR, Ms. Bitters
Occupation(s) Scientist

Professor Membrane is the father of Dib and Gaz Membrane, but he has very little time for his offspring, being one of the most famous and important people on Earth. The Professor, as he is often called, is rarely at home, so he supervises his kids in the form of a floating monitor, which often spews out pre-recorded reminders that are often way out-of-date. Dib and Gaz refer to him as "Dad".

Although his parenting skills seem to be missing in action, he really does love his kids, making time once a year for dinner together and always remembering to activate the food monitor. However, Membrane is somewhat ashamed of his son's belief in the paranormal, refusing to call it a "proper" science. However, he believes Dib's obsession is just a phase, or "temporary insanity", that Dib will grow out of, and allows his son to do as he pleases, to an extent. On occasion, Membrane is so preoccupied with work that he fails to recognize his own kids.

Nicktoons: Globs of DoomEdit

Professor Membrane appears as a non-playable character in Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. He is one of the persons who must be saved out of the goo while in the level of Invader Zim. He is found behind the giant morphoid after you cross the river of goo with the buses. He keeps saying that he must be saved because the world needs his help and similar things. When freeing him, he thanks you and wants to head back to his lab to do some investigation, however he is seen later at Volcano Island.

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