Name Rabbid
Show Rabbids Invasion
First Appearance Rayman Raving Rabbids
November 14, 2006
Sex V
Species Insane bunny
Eye Color Blue/red
Hair Color White

The Rabbids are the main characters of the Raving Rabbids series. They debuted in a game called Rayman Raving Rabbids, where they were the main villains. The Rabbids have become the stars of they're own animated series known as Rabbids Invasion.

Super BrawlEdit

In an update, a group of three Rabbids appeared as playable characters in Super Brawl 3. They attack using tennis rackets and plungers, as well as peppers in their special move Pepper Breath. The Rabbids also have two fans, Ike and Lulu, who both wear Rabbid costumes. When summoned, they summon a swarm of Rabbids to attack.

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