Robotboy by neweraoutlaw-d6m6ebc
Robotboy in CNCC
Name Robotboy
Show Robotboy
First Appearance "Dog-Ra", November 1st, 2005
Sex Male
Species Robot
Eye Color Blue (Active)
Red (Super-Active)
Hair Color Blue
Occupation(s) Super Fighting Robot

Robotboy is the main robot protagonist of the series. Being a robot, he possesses many superhuman abilities such as the ability to fly, tremendous strength and super speed. He also is very equipped with unbreakable armour, weapons and all sorts of gadgets ranging from an interior compass to a missile launcher. He can turn into a Superactive mode which increases all of his abilities ten-fold. In this form, he is nearly unstoppable, though he seems to be more overprotective of Tommy in Superactive. Though he is a super-advanced fighting robot he runs on double-A batteries. Despite these incredible abilities, he longs to be a human like everyone else, not unlike Pinocchio. He is also known to have a violent temper, such as lashing out at people who harm his friends.

Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!Edit

Robotboy appears as a playable character in Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!. It is currently the only character representing his series. It is also the only one from a European production.


Created by renowned scientist Professor Moshimo, Robotboy is a walking arsenal beneath a compact exterior. When inactive, he turns small enough to fit into a backpack, but once he engages his combat mode (or 'super-activated'), watch out! This robot's armed to the teeth with various weapons and enough potential to bring down an army! He was entrusted into the hands of Tommy Turnbull (the professor's #1 fan), to prevent Robotboy from falling into the hands of evil.

Despite his incredible power and quite destructive capabilities, Robotboy has the curiosity and intellect of a 12 year old, seeking to protect and learn more about the world he's been programmed to live in.

Special Abilities/PowersEdit

  • Can switch between being 'active' and 'super-active'.

Active Mode: Small size, greater manueverability, higher evasion, limited array of attacks and weapons Super-Active: Stronger, higher durability, access to improved weapons such as machine guns, homing missiles and laser blasts


Note: Quotes by Tommy are done via communicator. Intro

  • " hero!"
  • Tommy: "Stay sharp, Ro! No telling what these guys can do!"
  • Tommy: "Be on your guard, Robotboy." Robotboy: "Okay, Tommy...."
  • "Robotboy....fight bad guys. Robotboy...protect!" (Against Villains)
  • "Robotboy no want to hurt friend. But Robotboy do what Robotboy must do!" (Against Dexter)
  • "Why swordman hurt other robots?" (Against Samurai Jack)
  • " But how?" (Against T-Bone)

Win Pose

  • "Robotboy wins! Robotboy...happy!"
  • "Was I....good?" Tommy: "Not bad!"
  • "You...friend. Robotboy...sorry." (Against Dexter)
  • "Tommy.....what 'babes?'" Tommy: "Er...uh....haha, great job, Robotboy!" (Against Johnny Bravo)
  • "You bad man for hurting robots. Robotboy...teach you lesson!" (Against Samurai Jack)
  • "Robotboy fly too! Robotboy and cat friends!" (Against T-Bone)

Victory Screen

  • "Robotboy is happy he win! Tommy be very happy, too!"
  • "No be sad. Robotboy....think you did great job!"
  • "Dexter help Robotboy when Robotboy got hurt. But Robotboy hurt Dexter in fight. Now, Robotboy is...sad...." (Against Dexter)
  • " Robotgirl. Pink and can fly!" (Against Blossom)


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