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Robotboy is an American–British–French animated television series which is produced by Alphanim, LuxAnimation, France 3 and Cartoon Network Studios as well as LuxAnimation. It was created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge and was directed in Alphanim's studio in Paris by Charlie Bean, who worked on other programs such as Shining Time Station for Nickelodeon and Mucha Lucha for Cartoon Network. This show is still running at the present time in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and Germany but is no longer shown in North America or Asia territories. The series premiered airs at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT time on December 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network in the United States.

Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos!Edit

Robotboy appears as a playable character in Cartoon Network Crossover Chaos! He is able to switch between his Active and Super Active mode, each form having its own specialities.


Season 1 (2005–2006)Edit

  1. Dog-Ra / War and Pieces - Template:Start date
  2. Brother / Roughing It - Template:Start date
  3. I Want That Toy / Sweet Revenge - Template:Start date
  4. Cleaning Day / Costabot - Template:Start date
  5. Donnienator / Halloween – Template:Start date
  6. Teasebots / Rising - Template:Start date
  7. Metal Monster / Time Transmission - Template:Start date
  8. Robot Love / Brother Bjorn - Template:Start date
  9. The Boy Who Cried / Christmas Evil - Template:Start date
  10. Fist on Ice / Robot Rebels - Template:Start date
  11. Underwater / Nightmare - Template:Start date
  12. Don't Fight It / Kurt's Father - Template:Start date
  13. Crying Time / Runaway Robot - Template:Start date

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