Name SpongeGlob
Alias Globulous (formerly)
Show Nicktoons Unite!
First Appearance Nicktoons: Globs of Doom
Sex Male
Species Morphoid
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Orange
Friends Nicktoons Heroes
Enemies Syndicate of Evil

SpongeGlob is a character in Nicktoons: Globs of Doom who was formerly called Globulous. He is considered the main antagonist of the game, but isn't the final boss. He was created when the Big Sneeze, a parody of the Big Bang, happened. He basically is just a giant booger, as SpongeBob said. Because he was just a giant booger he was angry and wanted to take over the worlds.

But after his defeat, he didn't want to be used for evil. The heroes tried to cheer him up with encouraging words and Krabby Patties. He was happy again and then first transformed into SpongeGlob, abandoning his old form. He then fought, and defeated, the Vessel of Portentia. Afterwards he returned the heroes back to Volcano Island. He said that he will right the wrongs he did in the past and make amends throughout the universe and left off.


When the heroes arrive at the battle against Globulous they are able to punch and shoot with the Vessel. Globulous will keep sending out mini versions of himself that will follow you and try to attack you. You can defeat those by shooting at them and punching. Globulous is surounded by three rings that protect him. In order to get those rings gone you have to defeat the morphoids attached to the rings. However you have to look out, as they shoot mini morphoids out of their mouth. When you got rid off all the rings you have to fight Globulous until his armor gets off. You then are send back again and have to repeat the process of removing the rings. Then you just fight Globulous, who manages to get you back with one ring, but when that ring is gone you can defeat him.


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