Vessel of Portentia
Name Vessel of Portentia
Show Nicktoons Unite!
First Appearance Nicktoons: Globs of Doom
Species Robot
Occupation(s) Ship

The Vessel of Portentia is a ship located in Volcano Island made out of Mawgu energy. The ship is the only way that the heroes and villains can defeat Globulous. However before they can activate it and go into space, they first have to find the batteries in every world to power up the vessel. When all the batteries are collected they board the ship and launch into space. There they have to face of Globulous. After defeating Globulous the villains think up a plan to capture Globulous and use him for evil deeds. So they kick the heroes out of the Vessel and go to a distant star. Then SpongeGlob has to defeat the Vessel of Portentia. After defeating the Vessel, and the villains in it, it floats in space never to return to Earth again.


It is very easy to defeat the Vessel of Portentia. You simply have to keep punching the ship with SpongeGlob, and evade the incoming rockets. The rockets will hurt the Vessel too. It is wise to break all the stuff on the star to get extra coins.


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