Name Walker
Show Danny Phantom
First Appearance "Prisoners of Love" May 14, 2004
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Friends Vlad Plasmius
Enemies Danny, Skulker, Ember, Ember, Box Ghost
Occupation(s) Ghost Prison Warden
Residence Ghost Prison, Ghost Zone

Walker is the vigilante warden of the large prison in the Ghost Zone, where he imprisons the inhabitants for minor offenses. Walker is extremely strict and a stickler for his rules, always seeking to punish those who defy them. He commands his prison and minions with an iron fist and goes to whatever measures he has to in order to preserve order, even making up laws as he goes along. He also shows signs of being a coward by having a Wulf wear an electrical collar and almost putting the collar on Sam.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

After Vlad Plasmius had send the team to the Ghost Prison, Walker welcomed them. Danny commented that they would easily get out, but Walker said he advanced the prison since last time. When the heroes were at the exit Walker tried to stop them, so he fought them. However the heroes managed to get the upper hand and defeat Walker, and escape the prison.


During the battle with Walker he only preforms three moves. When he is on the ground he constantly stomps on the ground creating a purple shockwave over the ground that can hurt the heroes. This easily can be evaded by a simple jump. When he is done he teleports away and stands on an unreachable place. He then summons his Ghost Guards. The best tactic is to let Danny overshadow one of them and then kill them. He afterwards can attack Walker without concern about his groundpounds.

When Walker is near defeat he also begins to dash into enemies, this can be evaded with a dodge roll. Walker also will shoot a ghost ray that will trap you, also this move can be evaded with a dodge roll.

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