Name Xandred
Show Power Ranger
First Appearance "Origins" October 15, 2011
Sex Male
Species Demon
Enemies Antonio
Occupation(s) Nighlocks Leader
Residence Netherworld

Master Xandred is the leader of the Nighloks. He is the primary adversary of the Samurai Rangers. He comes from the Netherworld and lives on a ship floating on the Sanzu River. It is revealed that he takes large doses of medicine for his frequent headaches (similar to Rita Repulsa's), often causing him to fall asleep. He becomes angry easily, especially if his henchman are insubordinate or speak out of turn. He also has an intense hatred for Deker, since Deker intervened in one of Master Xandred's plans(which also involved Jayden, the current Red Samurai Ranger).

Super BrawlEdit

Xandred appears as a playable character, in Super Brawl 3. He and Antonio are the ones to represent their show. He fights with his giant blade. His special move is called; Mooger Portal Punch in which he does a powerful uppercut with his sword enchanted with dark energy.

Xandred has two Fan characters like everyone else. The boy's name is; Dante and the girl's name is Zoe. Both of them wear a costume similar to Xandred, featuring mostly his red and purple colors. When the special bar is fully charged Xandred can summon his fans. When appeared they will appear and summon four giant firsts out of the sky that all hit on different places on the stage.

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